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Soccer Development Strategies (SDS) offers a unique level of programming and services that includes professional coaching, planning, management and organization all aimed at assisting your club in developing and evolving in order to reach its goals. 

Since its inception in 2004 Soccer Development Strategies has consulted and worked with clubs and organizations to impact player, coach and organizational development in the club soccer environment. 


Soccer Development Strategies utilizes a variety of evaluation methods and tools in the process of determining and understanding the state of your club as it strives to meet the needs of players and membership:

- In Focus Groups

- SWOT Analysis

- Coach, staffing, programming analysis

- Based on the clearly defined mission, vision, values and goals of the organization or club

Education & Development

Our approach to improving the club environment and functioning is tied to education. The emphasis is based on evaluation and expressed needs of the club related to organization, process, structure, behavior & culture, programming and coaching.

Facilities availability through either rental, partnership or ownership is an important component of how clubs deliver coaching, programming, participation and competitive experiences to their membership. Identifying and understanding what part facilities plays in your club and how to pinpoint improving those circumstances are essential to growth and development of the organization

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For more information regarding our programming, club assessment that includes a compiled report and set of findings, college programming, staff development and pricing please contact us to request information.

Club Development = Player Development

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