College Recruitment: Game Plan


Detailed Information and Materials

Programming, planning and understanding what the pathway is to college and college soccer is as essential as having the necessary talent. As coaches manage the training and competition aspects in the player development process there's a need for players and parents to understand and to become engaged in the college recruiting process. 

In addition to group presentations or individual meetings players and parents receive deliverables in PDF format.

Some Facts

Understanding that just 2% of ALL the high school age recruitable athletes are actively recruited by college coaches. That means that 98% of ALL athletes are in the process of recruiting the institutions and programs.

That 95% of the the work and requirements that are involved in the recruiting process must be completed by the prospective student athlete and parents.

As a result of programming and education players and parents have the necessary information to determine the "right fit" for their academic, athletic and financial needs. 

Scheduling & Pricing

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